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Compiled by Roger Shlomo Harris
Copyright © 2007-2009

charities which provide
kosher meals


A man or woman are indeed fortunate if they are able to purchase whatever food they need without having to carefully calculate the consequences of the expense on their weekly or monthly budget. Some of those who are not so fortunate receive meals in congenial surroundings from the charities listed below.
Matan Beseter (giving secretly) i.e. charity where the giver does not know the receiver and the receiver does not know the giver, is for Jews the highest form of charitable giving - please give a needy stranger a meal. They will enjoy and be sustained by the food which you have given and, who knows, you may have provided a meal for the Mashiach.

Ichlu Re'im, 182 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem, Israel
'Our organization, Ichlu Re’im, is a non-profit organization with the systematic goal of feeding the hungry. We are a small soup kitchen with a location by the main road in Jerusalem (Jaffo Road). The name of our organization, Ichlu Re’im, means "Go ahead and eat, friends!" It is run by husband and wife, Uriel and Batsheva.'

Masbia, Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.
"MASBIA was founded by a group of activists from the Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community who undertook to establish a traditional 'Tent of Abraham' to welcome the needy with an open heart in the tradition of our Patriarch Abraham. Although people have always been generous in support of the poor and the hungry, help for the hungry was done by private individuals and not in an organized fashion."

Karmey Chesed, Israel
"It's hard to imagine Jewish families without enough food on their table, but the occurrence is far too frequent. Families who seem financially stable on the outside don't have basic food – bread, rice, milk – to feed their families. Our dedicated and discreet volunteers regularly deliver well-stocked food baskets to the doorsteps of needy families. Our food packages maintain the health and lives of hundreds of families."

Meir Panim, Israel
"The largest charity conduit in Israel today, Meir Panim dispenses vital food and social services to the needy via 30 relief centers. These include free restaurants, meals on wheels, children’s lunches, furniture and appliance distribution warehouses, after-school youth clubs, vocational training, occupational rehabilitation, and food credit cards."

Yad Eliezer, Israel
distribution of surplus agricultural produce; Chickens for Passover; Gitty Perkowski Simcha Fund (provides weddings):

Beis Hatavshil Chasdei Yeshaya (U.K. Reg. Charity 295,818)
c/o Rabbi A. Merlin, 20 Darenth Road, Stamford Hill, London N16 6EJ, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)79 7692 4987

Tomchei Yotzei Anglia (U.K. Reg. Charity 1,111,333)
c/o Mr Noach Schwartz, 11 Golders Manor Drive, London NW11 9HU, U.K.
Tel: U.K. 0-800-587 1898.


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